Thursday, 8 November 2012

Where I want to be...

Hey Dolls,

I'm BAACCCCCKKKKK...well I say I'm back, that means I'm no longer on tumblr and I have finally joined the wonderful world of 'blogspot'. The reason why I have decided to create a new blog (same name) is mainly because many people I know noticed I haven't been blogging at all. I started blogging last year. I joined tumblr as it was a simple way to share my thoughts on fashion with other fashion lovers. The only reason I didn't join blogspot as I found it "technically challenging" and tumblr was pretty much straightforward. By that I mean, you post a picture and a few words and VOILA you have a blog.

Now that I have decided to return to blogging where I can share the things I love with you beautiful people, first and foremost I would like to say please bare with me. A lot has gone on this year and I lost my focus and love for writing/blogging. But I'm back, maybe with a BANG!!! One thing I don't want this to be is that feeling of my blog being a chore, as in I must do this for the sake of it not for the love of it. Therefore I promise myself to fully focus on the things I love, so at times you may see a piece of my favourite food place, my style, my hair, and SHOES, lets not forget about my love for shoes *SMILES*.

So here it goes...its pay day and I'm contemplating as its been a while since I have treated myself to a pair of shoes. I decided to log on to Office Shoes where I come across a £15 off offer. I browse, I browse and browse some more and I stumble on a pair of Red Wedges, I have been looking for red shoes for a long time. So you know what I did...yep with zero hesitation I was already at check out! New babies...I call it an investment, now all I need is an outfit.

Office Red Wedges £30.00

And this Wednesday on my lunch break I take a trip to Zara and the first thing I see is Navy Blue heels and yes again with no hesitation they had to be mine.

Zara Platform Peep Toe Pumps £29.99

I think you have figured me out, I'm a SUCKER for beautiful heels.

Rather than that continuous self-debate on whether to buy something as affordable as a pair of Zara shoes, or something as wallet-breaking as Giuseppe Zanotti...I stuck to the "affordable option" lol, such is life.

Enjoy the ride xoxo

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